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Our Vision

Through research, facility visits and discussions with Durham-based artists and future patrons to-date, the following are preliminary considerations for our Vision of the proposed Arts Centre identified by the Foundation:

— a main hall for large performances (capable of attracting national and internationally-significant shows) and a smaller hall for rehearsals and performances;

— secure, well-lit and climate controlled space for visual arts;

— multi-use space for art workshops, media arts, and corporate and community events;

— administrative and program space to accommodate regional and local performance associations and visual arts organizations;

— archival storage space for significant artworks and local historic and public artifacts;

— highly accessible and visible location with proximate available parking;

— an "iconic" building design that is adaptable, inviting, durable and convertible for a wide variety of performances, displays, banquets and uses;

— a "green" facility incorporating the latest sustainable and environmental features and design leading to moderate upkeep costs; and

— world-class acoustics, sight lines and seating in a multi-use facility.

Our Goals

(a) to bring the Arts of the world to the people of Durham West and the Arts of Durham West to the world;

(b) to support and encourage the local arts community to express its art to the highest possible level, by providing it with opportunities to communicate its art to the broader community, and by exposing the local arts community to excellence from inside and outside Durham Region;

(c) to provide opportunities for cross-cultural exchanges and exhibitions of the arts, in recognition of the multicultural makeup and talents of the West Durham population;

(d) to foster a sense of shared community amongst local citizens, in celebrating our shared core value of the Arts;

(e) to create a record of the Arts of this community, for the education and benefit of the current and future generations;

(f) to assist in educating young and older citizens of the worth and means of personal and group expression through the Arts; and

(g) to create a tourist destination in Pickering.

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